12 reasons Manchester is better than London


Wake Up, Manchester We win (Picture: Getty)

Manchester is now often referred to as Britain’s second city, but to many Mancs it’s the greatest place on earth, and therefore better than London.

Here we give you 12 reasons why Manchester is definitely better.

1. Our water doesn’t taste like soap

If you’ve ever seen the inside of a London kettle you’ll know straight away that something’s wrong with their water. The bottom of it will be filled with horrible, flaky white bits caused by the astonishing amounts of limescale that comes from their taps.

And you can taste it in the tea too, as it leaves an unpleasant soapy aftertaste, like you’ve been licking washing powder off the kitchen worktop. And you can’t get a lather up when you shower.

When it comes to water, we’re purists and we win by a weather front.

2. We don’t have Boris as our mayor

We often see…

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