Game Of Thrones spoilers: Fans hit out at shocking rape twist as George R R Martin defends the show

HBO should not be allowed. Anywhere. Ever.


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones’ latest episode which will air again at 9pm on Sky Atlantic on Monday 18th May 

(Picture: Sky Atlantic) The twist has left fans stunned (Picture: Sky Atlantic)

Jaws were dropping all over the world as Game Of Thrones aired another dark plot twist for the sixth episode of season five.

Scenes which were previously alluded to by Alfie Allen saw fan favourite Sansa Stark brutally raped by sadistic Ramsay Bolton. The character of Ramsay is no stranger to barbaric acts – who can forget the grim scene where he cut off Theon Greyjoy’s penis as part of a torture ritual?

But fans are far from happy by the latest shocking development which has been a major diversion from the events of George R R Martin’s novels. In the books, Ramsay rapes the sub character Jeyne Poole, who has married him instead of long suffering…

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