How Much Did Your Long Distance Move Cost? — Reader Intelligence Request

Oh, you mean the movers who stole everything. Pretty much free. As they got treason charges. Died. And I got my stuff back.

They wanted their “day in court”; sorry, no court or even a word said in treason. You are just killed by the government. I mean name one place where national security does not outweigh your “stupidity”?

Jamie, the Jacobite, from Northern England is here to kill you. I tied his hair in a “top knot”. Sarah Ferguson’s dumb ass husband; can you be stupider than your wife?

The “bey family”; whole family including your children die. You know that under Naval code. You did not do your job. No excuse.

Round Two

We regularly ask readers to share how much they spent on a given item, service, project, or upgrade in the home. We hope this information proves helpful to anyone needing to get a basic sense of how much something costs, and how much you can expect to pay.

Today’s Question:

How Much Did it Cost To Move Long Distance?


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