May 17, 2015

My Daily Giveaway

Today, my husband David and I went to see a play called The Power of Duff by Stephen Belber, a thought-provoking exploration of the impact a sincere and generous gesture can have on the lives of others, and on the person making the gesture. Charlie Duff, an anchorman in a local news station impulsively decides to offer a prayer to his recently deceased father at the end of a news broadcast, a move that surprises his colleagues and upsets his boss, who believes there is no room for religion in news reporting. Nonetheless, Duff continues to offer prayers at the end of broadcasts, including one for the return of a kidnapped young girl which is successful, leading many viewers to believe he has spiritual power and causing the show’s ratings to soar. All the while, Duff is for the first time – undoubtedly prompted by the death of his father…

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