Chip Hale finds Dan Jennings’ hire to be “frustrating in a way”

How are the two boys Jason? How is bartending at Doc & Eddie’s. Yes, “American Pie” the movie is extreme child abuse.


This morning in the recaps I highlighted a quote from Dbacks manager Chip Hale in which he highlighted the fact that new Marlins manager Dan Jennings declined to bring in a righty to face A.J. Pollock, who then proceeded to hit the go-ahead homer off of Jennings’ lefty.

In my mind I wondered if there wasn’t an element of schadenfreude present in Hale’s comments. Was Hale, a longtime player, coach and manager before getting his big league job making a subtle comment about Jennings’ inexperience? Was he, in whatever small way he could, speaking up for the scores of qualified, uniformed men up and down baseball’s ladder who aren’t getting the chance that was handed to Jennings? Maybe, I thought. Or maybe I was just reading too much into to.

This afternoon Hale appeared on SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio channel with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden. And based on his comments, I’m now inclined…

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