Dear very “ex uncle Jeffrey Daniel Alley”

Let’s talk about Jeffrey Daniel Alley’s second family with “Kimmie”; that second daughter turned out just as bad as Brianne. She moved into my building in Tempe; crashed a $200,000 car killing four and used my name backwards. The way it was originally listed on the computer at America West Airlines when I started as a flight attendant. How was her ” three year accounting degree” Jeffrey. Once again you failed and another daughter of yours is getting the death penalty.

Keep an eye on this JD as I’ll fill you in on your first one too

Now, you do know Brianne and little “Jeffy” going by Edward Floyd Williams had a kid together; so anyways….he beat the shit out of me in yachats, Oregon…. Great family Jeffrey.

This is out of order as I do not feel like retyping…but either kill all the “scum” you raised or I will. THAT IS A DIRECT ORDER GARTH BROOKS

I’ll stop texting you Edward; when you do your job and control your family by killing them. No one else to blame but yourselves. No one else misbehaved or murdered like the Alley family over greed and jealousy.

She, Brianne Nichole Alley Jobe Davis, murdered my three children, forced my twin to have an abortion, told my sister-in-law she had to have “genetically perfect children” and forcing her to have at least 5 abortions. Do you need me to continue with the list of crimes against her and your family?

I don’t want you to call me, and give me your excuses Edward. You were paid to do a job. You failed. Your death along with hers. cousins

You know you cannot have sex within cousins unless farther apart then second cousins

What are you in the hospital for Edward? Incest as you fucked your first cousin?

Poor Edward is in the hospital…gosh was it his “latest snuff film” gone wrong? Let’s all “pray for him”.

So Edward why should Brianne who murdered more than 10 babies have four of her own?

Your words were, “if we or anyone in our family acted like that we would kill ourselves” didn’t did you? Brianne said, “I should be suicidal, but I’m not”; she was enjoying spending and living a life that was not hers.

Should have done your fucking JOB Edward vs. That “Steve Jobs” yacht you cannot afford.

Now is the name Ayden Floyd Williams?

Bet it’s really Avery Jefferson Williams. Correct?

Did you and BRIANNE NICHOLE ALLEY JOBE DAVIS conceive Ayden together? She doesn’t mind “kissing cousins”. Her words.

Once again I have none, zero, zilch children because of you, yourself, your children and how many times I have been raped and beaten. I have issued your death, your children’s death, your grandchildren, your cousins, your friends….everyone involved that attacked me, lied about my behavior, tried to replace me with their child. Sorry, it’s called the only way to stay alive. Yes, like “Hitler’s Germany”; it is the only choice we have as a human race to survive. Kill you; sad but true.


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