Does sex matter? No.

Relationships are natural in human life, and nature. For some reason in our western culture you put to high a value on sex. In any relationship sometimes sex is not always the best, sometimes your both exhausted and fall asleep, you have  kid, and assume your partner is cheating – hey, it’s their kid too – they are just as tired as you.

For some reason you cannot be happy with mutual support, equality, happiness, and someone who makes your day every time you see them…

I was, but in your rage over no one being jealous as you lived “showing off” with your other half’s heritage, looks, physique, money….

You destroyed our happy world on purpose.

But wait, you got what you wanted didn’t you? Oh, that was not enough for you; nothing is….you still wanted “our lives”.

You people have something seriously wrong with you; you cannot live without attacking others.


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