Face reality…you will always have

Horrid relationships. You bring yourself into them. Your insecurities turn to jealousy then hate then god. As in I have god on my side; and “I’ll kill you; I’ll kill you all”.

Why murder happens; you want to be what you are not. Or you want a ” lifestyle you will never like or fit into”.
Sorry, the truth hurts; but that’s the way it’s gotta be.

Realize there is no “pretty woman”; not that anyone was rude to her…she had the ” chip on her shoulder”.

After the movie ended…the continuing saga….the biggest “castle” wasn’t good enough for her. But so and so has 3 more square feet than I do….

On the flip side she also bought a “ghetto house” to lie to everyone about where she lived; cause she was “too cool”.

Look, friendships always end with lifestyles; not marriage or kids. When you move neighborhood, when you go to college, when you get a job. 

Some last no matter what. Reality. Those are the ones who don’t judge the life you chose. Those are the ones not stuck in the past. Yeah, I dated him…we broke up. No, I would never get back together. Him changing? Yeah, that’s a lie. He just lives to beat me up and otherwise humiliate me.

Stop thinking it was a great life; you try living it. He will murder you, and no one will care. Reality.


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