It’s not the End of the World!!

One line of code out of 600,000,000,000…you need help. 🙂

Cheyenne & 215

Image result for a setback is a setup for a comeback

This is one of my favorite quotes,  I first heard this quote while watching a motivational speech from the great Les Brown, and it is exactly the message I needed to hear.  I have always been someone who is extremely hard on myself.  I would beat myself up for days for any mistake that I made.  My internal dialogue was always the same, “I made this mistake because I am just a screw-up”.  You can see how thus attitude had kept me from really applying myself to do great things.

Somewhere along the line I had jumped to the conclusion that being successful meant the absence of mistakes and/or problems.  I have since change my definition of success as I realized that success isn’t living a life without problems.  Everyone has ups and downs in life, true success comes when you can accept and overcome the tough times.  As he…

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