Murder and Magic: A Review of Storm Front

J. Young-Ju Harris

A friend of mine, a fan of this series, gave me Storm Front many years ago and said I should read it. It took me actually starting to write an urban fantasy to have any real interest. But now that I have read it, I can see why Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books are wildly popular.

This book is pulp writing at its finest. The story (and I imagine whole series) is written in first person, and Dresden is a sympathetic and likable character. A lovable loser, really. He lives paycheck to paycheck, earning his income by consulting for the police on strange crimes and doing freelance work as a wizard who can locate lost objects and perform other small magical feats. At the start of the book Dresden is called in to investigate a particularly gruesome crime scene on the same day a mysterious woman asks him to look…

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