Real Money vs. Thugs.

The rich do not get rich by putting up with bullshit; they make your best killer seem like an amateur. You will meet real death up close and personal; not some coward who hides behind a long range rifle. We want to see the price you pay in you eyes as you die.

For the most part; real money never does anything criminal, nor do they hire assassins. That’s for trash. But touch money; they kill you personally. No matter who you were, thought you someday might be, or how public that death is….no hiding…should have used you “pea brain” earlier. Oh, they aren’t ruthless thugs?

I mean even New York mafia is polite enough to ask, “Not stepping on any toes” at the moment as they come to town to kill.

Learn respect. Chicago. Chicago; you will never survive as you treat women like men and whores. Not as they should be treated; as mothers with respect. And your daughters abuse men. No respect anywhere to be found.

New York adjusted to working women, as it was their choice. But all the same; when they get tired of working or don’t like the job. They quit and start their own company from home. Same new York host; we went to college together. His best friend and roommate stayed in Arizona after school. Different way of life. Why no one gets upset. That’s life.

Same with the Mormons and seventh day adventists.

He watches me. HE waits for me.He wants me dead..  … and yet, he can’t pull the trigger.

Cammie Connors is a successful doctor at a leading hospital in the heart of Sydney.She’s drifted far from her dream of helping terminally ill children and is running a private clinic in a secluded wing of the hospital,taking care of Australia’s most notorious organised crime family,the Russo’s.
There is no escape for her,she owes them her life and they vow to keep her safe for as long she aids them,but as things become heated between the Russo’s and the Moretti’s,they can no longer guarantee her protection.Quickly,the Moretti’s realise Cammie’s worth and she swiftly becomes an easy target for deadly assassin,Stefan Valentino.Stefan Valentino has spent his entire adult life working for the Moretti family.He has their trust,loyalty and respect,and has killed plenty of innocent people to get it.Not once has he missed a shot or bat an eyelid at their requests,until now.He sits on the rooftop of her neighbouring apartment,watching her through the scope of his M24.

He has to pull the trigger.
It twitches around the metal,but never clamps down.That’s the first betraying move Stefan makes against his family and he swears he won’t make another.Can Cammie win the compassion of her assassin and finally leave her life of crime in the shadows,or will Stefan shoot down her hopes and dreams before she gets the chance?






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