Alison Colleen Ryan Hofta

Look it’s Alison Colleen Ryan Hofta. How many children does she have that she tried to say were mine. Let’s see. There is Tiffany Lundy, and two more; almost forgot four with her high school boyfriend, Jeff Kuzmitch. No, they die. You are not using my fucking money to pay for your bastard children. I told you if you touched one penny; your children all die. Don’t try to hide them or they will be tortured worse before dying. ¿Comprende?

Hot Mess Goes To OZ

It has been 3 months now since I wrote my pistachio story, and I am more than pleased with the amount of positive response it produced from so many different types of “Pistachios.”  I received almost 200 private emails from readers telling me their shell stories, and with many curious to see if there was an progress with my own.

After publishing my story, I knew I could never go back to my old ways without a fight.  That I had to indeed listen to my own discovery, and open up my shell.

And so, that is exactly what I did.


The Story of the Pistachio:



Not too long after writing The Unattainable Girl, I was ready to put this new personal breakthrough to the test.  I decided to go back online, and have another look at all of those dozens of profiles I have…

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