The truth about the “Jewish culture”.

Yep, Jewish bullshit.

Things they don’t like, don’t know how to use, all to be “what they are not”…. To be a culture and lifestyle they will hate.

When life turns to ” kill or be killed”, because they tried that way of life, did not like it…so no one should.

Because everyone should be “like them” cause mummy and daddy said “how smart you were, how pretty, called you a ” Jewish American princess or prince”; because mummy and daddy spent $100,000 on your bar/bat mitzvah in the 1980s; so by the 90s you needed a million dollar wedding that mummy and daddy pay for, and then they need to buy you….

oh, but why would I work? I’m American Royalty. Everyone should just pay for me to have what I want; or I’ll kill them. If mummy and daddy ever run out of money or stop paying for me….

oh, yeah all Jews die of “brain aneurysms”.  Everlasting hipster –


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