Pamprin? I never got cramps again.

Inside Zofies World

Just the other day I posted about not getting my period all the time and Pcos. Yeah, well guess who showed up…….. THIS BITCH!!!!! I should’ve known she was coming because I was having some serious cramps yesterday. I just assumed it was gas or I had to use the restroom. Sorry for the TMI.. lol…. She showed up and is showing OUT!!! I’m talking cramps so damn bad, my back feels like I have the leaning tower of Pisa on my shit. My ovaries feel like they’re being squeezed for fresh juice like lemons. My hips feel like I’ve been fucking since daybreak on Sunday and it’s now Wednesday. You know that feeling, where he’s smashing you down from the back but he’s holding your hips really hard all while fucking you hard.Ughhhh….. I would rather be doing that right about now. My legs feel like I’ve been dancing…

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