What do you mean the first flight into New York isn’t until 6 AM; with a stop in Chicago?

Another girl arrives at the counter…

You got here quick. Yeah, I got the text from Viv….what the hell are we going to do?

I don’t know; I texted the girls at the house to get ahold of all our friends.

Do they have an alumni list at the sorority house? Esther, its been 25 years.

Marg, they have google.

OK, by the way, your husband has already destroyed the kitchen; your four were pouring  their cereal all over; he’s gonna have to call in his friends… Seven kids for a week.

Nah, he’ll be fine….he’ll think of something

Back to the counter.. .can we charter a jet?

Yes mam, the executive terminal is across the tarmac. I can book it here…. Looks like I can get you over there and taking off within an hour.

Perfect, are there any magazine places open?


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