Livermore labs, California


Hello, Mr. Miller, how are you this morning?

Well, my grandsons are in that basketball program; me, I’m a football man myself. I mean what is the point of the game? Now, you being in Switzerland I have involved myself in your national sports.

Oh yes, sir, and which are those?

You youngsters; we had our national sports. Well, I had a demographics study drawn up and mathematically speaking your national sports are Cricket, Ice Hockey, Ski jumping and figure skating.

Yes, sir, you are of course correct. Cricket is just emerging, we refer to it in banking terms of course… Those dot Indians and their math; not to be confused with your feather Indians there in the states…

Right, right…now where was I. Oh, yes have you heard anything about your ex-girlfriend and my son? They disappeared from the farm before daylight…

I have the FBI going over the premises, but I thought you might have heard something.

Did you call her twin inne? They talk nonstop every day.

No, I did not call her. She is our competition.

Really, how sir?

Well the kids would not be up to god knows what in the middle of nowhere if she didn’t sneak that farmhouse for sale past us on the dark web. Do they have computerized cows they pour milk into to remilk? I grew up in the countryside…I know a bit about bit. Bit milk a cow when we lavished them with an education we could only have dreamed of….hey, I’m charging them for that education they aren’t using. What’s the interest rate today, compounded with time value of money, and having to attend those parents weekends… Speaking of that call that Beta house the kids were in and get the parents numbers…I’ll keep you updated.



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