Marrying yourself, Where did this idea come from?

35 is young. Life is long. I have no children, am 41, widowed twice and my friends, and late husbands friends, along with a few prayers to God will find me a new husband. I still have 60 years on this planet. I don’t want to miss out on all the couples things we love to do together, or watching their kids when they need me. I lost 3 children to the war in Yugoslavs with my first marriage, and had a miscarriage when I found out my second husbands plane crashed. After loosing four children; I can only be around them some of the time. My friends know this, but I doubt I’ll tell my future husband. You cannot compete with ghosts; I’ll just tell him divorced, no kids. Coupledom is so important to human nature; you will destroy yourself if you don’t find someone. There is no magic formula for waiting to start a new relationship; it could even happen the day after your last relationship ended or it might take 3 years. After that; you are impossible to date. You miss having old times, and your old life too much. It’s best to start over when the wounds are fresh…otherwise you start comparing them to your ex’s.


Image From: Pixabay Image From: Pixabay

Q. How does someone such as yourself come up with the idea of marrying yourself? Did you just wake up one day with this over the top decision?

When people ask me this question my answer is always the same, “I want to have the experience that other women have had. Pretty dress, fancy party, etc.” Is this a truthful answer to the question? I would say this is a half truth, there is more to it but I choose only this response because it is the easy, simple answer.

A few years ago I made a decision which would bring me critics and supporters equally to my door step. I announced, I was going to marry myself if I hadn’t found a life long companion by the time I turned 35.

How did this idea come to me? What would I benefit from marrying myself? My reasons for…

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