Meanwhile in Kansas…

That Kansas farnwife gets a text, fires up her plane in the barn; carries the sleeping kids to the plane….I’m not missing the love story of the century….

Honey, honey, the farm will be fine….get up you can sleep in the plane…

She trundles her husband into the plane, he gets in his seat, puts his head back and is already back asleep as she reaches over and fastens his lap belt. She grabs a horse blanket and tucks it around him…

20 minutes after the text arrived they are in the air… 3 hours if I’m lucky…how fast does this piece of crap go?

She mumbles to herself on the flight, damm things held together with duct tape and bailing wire, but it flies still…

She’s looks at the panels and realizes the suns about to come up over the horizon, her oldest, the 7 year old wakes up, “Mamman, what are we doing?”

She replies, “Silly, we are flying”.

Yes, mamnan but where too?

Mamman has to go rescue your godmothers marriage. I just have this feeling….

They land at Teterborough,


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