Moving in furnished on the first; alone.

No one is ever allowed in my house. No exceptions. Don’t care what you make up. You have a restraining order of 1,000 miles.

Will make one exception my twin sister and her husband and kids…that’s it.




Check out this property I found using Trulia’s real estate app:


4 thoughts on “Moving in furnished on the first; alone.

  1. Me and my twin in 1989 at our older brothers high school graduation. Figure my roommate from college will show up living next door; why she wishes to freeze in new York we have no idea.. Little bit of snow in Denver & she loves mountain views. 3 little piggies near each other. She has two kids too. I’m free nanny for them…but, truth when you actually have the critters you just want to be with them. Maybe dinner a few times a year; as usual. Kids be settled by school start if we all move now. Hard when your single without kids, but I’m actually bored, but happy. Just go back to cooking for one and leaving random food on my friends doorsteps while they are at work.

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