Why psychology has been banned.

Bears, Goats, and Strawberries:

It’s based on you, your religion, your culture. You can never walk in my shoes. Did you watch your husbands face shot off on your wedding day, and go home to your murdered three eight week old babies. How can you help me? By destroying what I built up, and regained of my life by “psychoanalyzing me” 18 years after I lived through that event? Thanks to people like you for the last 8 years I have not had one conversation, told all my friends to go away, and never want to date or live with or speak to anyone again. I am only 41. I lost my second husband while pregnant at 32 to a plane crash; had a miscarriage. Can you really help me? How? How many times must an uneducated, but I took psych 101 destroy a life?

Originally posted on Round Two:

“Don’t psychologize or psychoanalyze me!” What’s behind that ban and what can people interested in psychology do about it. http://ift.tt/1K3HFaI

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