Grads: This Could Be Why Nobody Wants to Hire You

Um, I went to the interview and got up, walked out, and said, “no way in fucking hell”. Take into account we know our worth.

We take after our grandparents; we won’t work for you, at that salary, in that location, or “with those people”. No. We just shut the company down. No big deal. Your ” practices” result in about 23 million homeless overnight. See aren’t we sweet?


It’s graduation season, a.k.a. job-hunting season for all the young adults with newly minted diplomas. After the inspirational commencement speeches, it’s time to buckle down and plunge into the working world.

If you’re in the market for your first “real” job, here’s the good news first: You’re graduating into the best job market we’ve had in a long time. Employers plan to hire about 10% more new grads this year over last year, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. But that doesn’t mean you can expect anybody to just hand you a job, warns Scott Williams, executive director of the Career Center at the University of Georgia. While they have, in fact, earned a degree and gained valuable experience, the only other thing they’ve earned or gained is an opportunity to compete for a job,” he says.

This is one of the biggest mistakes career experts…

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