Hillary Clinton’s Latest Lure to Voters: Take Over My Twitter!

Difference, no one west of the Mississippi is a single parent this generation. No ones getting divorced. We married, we know marriage is “work”, we know sometimes we don’t always get along with our spouses, but we aren’t getting divorced over a ” bad year” when we had good years, and we know the good years will come back. Difference being no one is jealous, no one “wants someone else’s life”, and we all, in our group, live ” equally but in very different styles.

Fashion dictates you cannot be Mrs. President. I mean what the fuck are you wearing a 1870s mans jacket. No, we will not go get water from the fucking well. Go back to your pig farm Hillary.


You may have noticed that a small business owner and mom named Mary Jo took over Hillary Clinton‘s Twitter account on Thursday.

Mary Jo introduced herself this morning by Tweeting:

She shared a photo of her daughter and explained how owning a small strategic design firm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, allowed her to become a single mom at 40.

And, of course, she talked about Clinton.

The Twitter takeover was just one of several publicity stunts the Democratic presidential frontrunner has employed so far in her campaign.


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