Liberty, equality, fraternity, boobs.

No one wants to see them. Boys know they can get sex anytime they want; most men would rather stare at a blank wall then go to a strip club. And, frankly I have my own boobs. Not interested in another woman’s.

Sondheim, Debussy, Guns, and Roses

free the nipple

I’ve recently become aware of something called the free the nipple campaign (to be honest, I wasn’t aware that nipples were currently enslaved). Now I’m all for liberty and freedom and everything, but…really ladies? Really?

I say recently, that’s a lie really, I’ve been aware of this for a while now (‘recently’ just sounds better than ‘sometime between late December last year and early January this year I became aware…’). A short while ago I started to notice that female celebrities were starting to develop a penchant for getting their breasts out in non-shower scenarios; Rihanna, then Miley Cyrus, then Lady Gaga, and a variety of other people I’ve never heard of and don’t care to, they all seem to be doing it. At the time, I simply chalked it down to the increasing sexualisation of celebrities, and moved on. Except then a few weeks ago I was sitting in…

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