Look, what stops murder and war…

A real government knows when to move people, when to demolish what no longer works, when to save what everyone likes.

A real government doesn’t have “rich fucks” and “ghetto trash”; they know how people like to live, not what they think they like. Yes, I know you like that house, you will hate it within a year, you will never like the neighbors, and why fight it. Is it worth ruining a year or more of your life for something you will hate?

It has nothing to do with your job, background or education. You will hate they way of life; from what and how they party, to how they keep their houses, and even visiting their houses; yeah, I cannot even stand having a coffee with them.

See, I told you.

Same with pot luck people vs. Dinner party people. If I’m poor I’ll charge you on PayPal.com to make up the budget; but no fucking way am I doing pot luck unless it’s a picnic.

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