Project Laughter 22/05/2015

Keep to your world. Don’t bring inappropriate sex into ours. One man, one wife. We do not joke. Respect and equality. Cheat? No one wants some tramp following them home. No one cheats ever.

MB Blissett

I can write intimacy and having done so from male and female perspectives, I like to see how I can make it feel authentic.
This scene has, I hope the aim of, in the intial reading, to make you feel happy for Tom but later, it’ll read differently.
In horror/ghost stories you want intimacy as much as your big bad. The suspension of disbelief requires a level of craft and trust that is challenging for me. Still if I can write a convincingly awkward but enjoyable threesome then in theory, a creak from upstairs doesn’t demand as much but it does because you’re working with less and aiming for more.
And, shit, I still have a ghost to flesh out as well. But I know her because I’m tapping my own emotions for that. But that’s another conversation.

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