Runaway Fire Hydrant Leaves Power Plant in the Dark

When my twin sister got married, it was the storm of the century in San Francisco. Had to use generators for the rehearsal dinner but got power back for the wedding and reception. Boys weekend. My best friend from high schools dads a lineman. And why my moms brothers & sisters don’t show up for the wedding. They are saving as my mom calls them, our “princess Diana” weddings ( which they had too) while mom who went to the courthouse for hers tries to destroy them.

Power Plant Men

Originally posted May 17, 2014:

Don’t believe it when the Electric Company tells you that the reason your town lost electricity for an hour was because a squirrel climbed onto a transformer and shorted it out. The real reason just may be more bizarre than that and the company doesn’t want you to know all the different creative ways that power can be shut off. This is a tale of just one of those ways. So, get out your pencil and paper and take notes.

A notepad like this Power Plant Notepad

One spring day in 1993 while sitting at the Precipitator computer for Unit one at the Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma, while I was checking the controls to make sure all the cabinets were operating correctly, suddenly there was a distant boom, and the lights in the control room went out. The computer stayed on because it was connected to…

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