So, I’m having a dinner party.

Is there nothing worse than say wanting a lot of dip for your chips and nothing works. Yeah, I’m the guest that “double dips” so what; my freaking friends use my toothbrush. Which is more disgusting?

So the menu.

Think I’ll send my nonexistent man out to grill; aka myself.
Why do people get stressed out about parties? No, I do not clean the house, before they come over. I’m not doing it twice. I do have to clean after they leave….so.

Everyone’s coming over around 5, I do not like to eat before the sun sets, about 7:30 this time of year.

So, the two and a half hour happy hour. Yep, they’ll be wasted by the time dinner is served. So I’ll do a simple dinner of steaks and grilled rosemary new potatoes on kebabs for dinner.

I’ll spend more time on the appetizers for them and their brats running around the house, and yard. Not having kids this also means shopping  for things for the curtain climbers to take home with them.

I’ll google and download everything then add to post. Kids coming over are from 2-14.


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