Family, culture & where you raise them.

It’s not about where you grew up, but what you want in life. Your life is never a reflection of your families. You grew up doing different things, and had different friends. You see life from a different perspective.

That “blood is thicker than water” quote about family. Um, most of them I see once every ten to twenty years; I don’t even know them. Even the ones I do see; the ones my parents ages. Yeah, I don’t like their houses too much. They’re all the same style on my dads side. Yes, comfortable and I enjoy visiting, but not how I choose to live.

On my moms side; they all live different, but the last time I went to any of their houses was over 20 years ago.

People get busy with their lives. Reality. Family, is almost a thing of the past. Truth, in today’s world, your friends are your family. They know you, and you trust them.

I mean when you might see a family member in twenty years; what do you have in common? My aunt & I get along; I find her daughter, a few years younger then me annoying. But that happens when you raise your child in a different culture. It’s not mine, I don’t understand it, and I don’t like it. Sorry.

I knew from age 6; all I want is a townhouse…where I can walk to most things, and drive to others.

Remember, “the town mouse, and the country mouse”; if you want a different way of life than the other one you will end up divorced.

Yes, their house is nice, and I like the architecture, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I’m honest, I might stay a week of two; but I won’t lie. I’m not gonna live away from the city. I cannot function without city life, and I do not like suburban life at all, in fact I prefer the countryside over suburbia.

It’s a culture and mindset in suburbia I don’t like, and do not fit into. My mom who loves hideous suburbia bought what she calls a ” cabin”; no, it’s annoying suburbia same as her other house.

Ironically, I like where my sister lives, and love to visit, but truth when your house is comfortable… Nah, I’m fine with my book…

My brothers house is ironically uncomfortable without his friends over. We call it the “married bachelor pad” the place to hang out.

My house, truly is only comfortable for a few people. Even when I rented apartments; for some reason people just don’t feel comfortable at my house; with the exception of when I have a dinner party or just randomly invite them to dinner. Then, for some reason, they relax. But that might be because most of them aren’t used to the city. Who knows?

Or like my roommate from college, when she moved from pac heights in San Francisco to lake street; do we really have to come to suburbia house party hell. That is not the city; that is suburban hell.


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