Lemon & Thyme Gooseberry Slabs

Food Fellowship and Wine

Custard and biscuits, with a twist…

When I was about 15, my family moved from a small town in the middle of nowhere to the big bustling city of Johannesburg. It was a culture shock to say the least, people were just so, so sophisticated. Have you ever felt that you’re Coco Chanel in one town and then realise in another you’re a complete hillbilly? Yeah, that’s how moving from nowhere feels like. After a slow start, things finally became better,  and  I fully credit the Argentinean fruiterers down the road this mind shift. (I have always equaled food with emotions.) Apart from nourishing us with the freshest produce we ever encountered (“Oh my word they sell freshly squeezed orange juice!”) they also had a bakery that sold the most divine, most heart-warming treats I never imagined possible, lemon bars…

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