#BEDM Nostalgia, Before Sweets Became Retro

In my crowd it’s 2-3 bottles of wine & college chatter. Unless it’s “eye candy”.

Changing Pages

Sweet Tooth

At a certain age and I’m not quite sure what age that is, conversation with friends over a glass of wine or two becomes nostalgic. TV and food of formative years is discussed – at length. At least I’m pretty sure this isn’t just me and my friends…

Sweets were definitely a big part of my growing up. I lived in a small village that at the time had 2 shops both with a wonderful array of sweets. Tearing to the shop to spend my 10p (yes it was that long ago) was always a serious and exciting business.

The choice was endless, and choosing sweets was not a process that could or should be rushed. Fortunately the shop keepers were of the same opinion and were very patient with children that who spent a very long time deliberating over the rows of glass jars, brimming with sugary treats.

Tart red Cola chunks, with sharp…

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