Eventually You Just Have to Do…

Sometimes it’s your own death. It’s too late to change now. That horse kills. Oops.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Sometimes it seems like I beat the same dead horse over and over…poor dead horse!  But I understand the way human beings actually learn is through repetition and habit development.  So I say things over and over and over and over as I practice better life habits over and over and over!

But eventually you are going to have to do something.  Reading about doing, talking about doing, acting like your going to do…none of that counts.  At some point you are going to be required to put on your sneakers and walk around the block.  Eventually you are going to be required to face your debt and take action.  One day you will have to face the reality of years of body abuse via crap food and be forced to decision.  WHY WAIT UNTIL TRAGEDY TOUCHES YOUR LIFE TO CHANGE?

image credit: homegrownhospitality.typepad.com


Big Dreamer

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