Listen up Nephila the Bully!!!!

I agree.

Emmagc75's Blog

Enough is enough! Stop your hate! Get over what YOUR HUSBAND and some woman did to you already! 

Don’t you realize how pathetic even your “friends” on here think you are??? U are not a crusader, you are not joan of arc! U are just a sad sack of a woman wasting her time spreading nastiness and misery like an Elf from Hell!

DIAL BACK YOUR CRAZY LADY! I have had quite enough of your judgements and your sick, twisted delusional bullshit. YOU ARE A BULLY, A COWARD AND NOBODY LIKES YOU because of your vile, negative ways. You judge me? Whatever made you think you have the right to judge me? LOL That is absurd.  You need professional help!

You need to worry more about yourself, healing and love in your marriage. Worry about your cheating husband (although if this is how u act it is NO WONDER) and…

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