For the last time. I am Lutheran.

The religion has nothing to do with Martin Luther King, Jr. Reality is we do not get along with Catholics or Protestants and their way of life or how they raise children. Same with episcopal; that’s just catholic with divorce.

Yes, friendships end and families are no more depending on whom you marry.

I said goodbye to my family for that reason. There will never be a “makeup reunion”.

I said goodbye to them for all eternity. Some things you cannot patch up.

My only family left is my twin sister, her husband, two kids, and two of my college friends and their families. Kirsten & David with their kids Rinnie & Jake. And Kerri & Andy and their kids Avery (nerd that is historically a mans name, just FYI) and Kate. And my flying buddy Tracy and whomever she’s dating.

Those are the only people I kept in touch with after ” forced school friendships” ended in 1995.


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