Sports, drinking, holidays

Look, most of the best athletes quit for one reason.

What? How much practice? Yeah….no.

I didn’t get this good practicing 6 days a week, and having a game on the 7th. I got this good on practice two days a week, and having a life and friends.

I’m not giving up having fun & spring break for some dumb game. Where is it gonna get me in life.

After all….I turned down $22 million years ago; sorry, I have other plans for my life.

It’s not about the money; it is about a way of life and lifestyle.

I never change. No interest.

Yes, some sports I like to watch, but I’m not “going to every game” or too worried about who wins or loses.

It’s not about winning. It is about sportsmanship, and how you play the game. With grace and respect for not only your teammates, but your opponents.

My best friends come from other teams too. I’ve played this game so long. On the field or pitch; who are you dating? Wanna come to a party on Friday, we can commiserate how shitty we feel Saturday morning at the game.

Life is more than a “competition”; it doesn’t matter if you win, when you have no one to share it with.


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