Is the Internet getting nicer? 

No one reads vanity fair with the “new editor”; don’t be dumb.

A Girl In Europe

Did you miss it??

No you can’t of, you just can’t of, every body knows about it.

I mean how on earth could anybody have missed the new Vanity Fair cover?

This is the newly unveiled ‘Caitlyn Jenner’, ahhh now you know who I mean! Personally I think she looks great and as cheesy as it may sound it must be such a relief after all these years to finally be who she wants to be.

Anyway after reading about this on several forms of social media, I thought of today’s post and I thought I would kind of tell all the mean people off. Well that was after a better look on the world of the Internet, it turns out people were being nice!

And it got me thinking, maybe just maybe we’re on to this new path of acceptance? Countless celebrities said words of support and admiration for…

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