ATTN: flying swans.

Umm…this is not a “diy” area. I assume you all know what I am speaking of. Can we get rid of the ACE hardware and put in a club. I suggest a Mormon club; where if you are not a member you yell “will someone sponser me”; then it is private property and we can smoke. No longer a business, but close family members. I’ll post this, then add pictures of what I think will work.


But succulents not flowers.
Dim the lights for Christ’s sake.

Always need a ” back bar”


Menu. Easy.

Pork chops with peach chipotle chutney.

Steak marinated in red wine.

Chicken paprika

Two pastas of the day. One vegetarian.

Ethmentiel fondue served with cubed ham, baby potatoes, bread, and ?

Cheese and butter baguette sandwich.

Mufalatta sandwich

Choice of sides.
Asparagus in balsamic reduction with chopped walnuts. Chipotle cheddar mashed sweet potatoes, whipped cauliflower, baked beans, glazed carrots, fried plantains, roasted new potatoes & pearl onions with olive oil & rosemary, squash, candied yams, saffron rice, cucumber yougart salad, broad beans with red onion and olive oil, scalloped potatoes, shrimp in avacado boat.

Bread to be fresh. Different each week.

Salad before dinner to be.
Waldorf salad

Pecan pie
Jello cake
Huge bowl of pudding with vanilla wafers
Mississippi mud pie
Egyptian cake
And this cobbler type thing.


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