From the enlisted to that crap general.

Since WWI you “military” have destroyed our nation with your war brides & grooms or those “orphans” you brought home from another country. Be they your bastard children no one wanted or ones you found…

We don’t care. You were told in 1992 if you ever go overseas as a “military” again and bring that shit home. You and anyone you consort with get the death penalty.

We don’t have any options but to kill you and your foreign family at this point. We asked nicely for you to respect our way of life; your answer to that was stealing, raping, and killing our families.

You became your foreigner, you are no longer welcome.

I will not repeat you were told in 1992 it was the death penalty under any and all race and religion. If your children followed your lead with their “quest for someone who would have them, and a baby”; I apologize, but your whole family dies.

This nation is not an orphanage for your trash from foreign lands; while our own people die, and you steal everything for your mate and children.

Sorry, no choice. Choose your death. Either by lethal injection, or a sharpshooter. You will be dead regardless. We can’t afford to keep you alive at this point.

You made the decision that thievery, lying, religion, a brief lifestyle, and bullshit were worth dying for.

Yes, to keep our nation; you shall die. It is not majority rules; we do. The actual Americans.

You choose to die trying to destroy our way of life. Your death was and is your own choice and it was your personal actions that caused “we the people” to kill you.

Remember, it was your own choice. No one forced you to die; you committed a form of suicide.


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