Well, just like when Facebook came out. Yeah, we know about it….not signing up. Everyone I want and need to talk to on text. If we haven’t talked in over 20+ years, I have no desire to renew acquaintinses. We don’t even have enough in common to get through a 15 minute lunch. Um, my real name being used and “we’re friends”; half my friends don’t even know my real name. Now let’s identify the pictures of strangers to get back into your account…. Yeah….NO. Why I put Dillon and his friends on http://www.boonex.com/dolphin when it was free. No one needs this crap; especially companies that want your Facebook password to apply for a job? Hell no. Work is not home life. My personal life is no business of any company anywhere. But, if you didn’t create a Facebook account; someone created one for you and pretended to be you. I personally used a comic style character and only friended those who knew ” Wednesday night before thanksgiving at the monestary “.

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