sloane (pronounced Sloan-ey)
A Sloane is anyone who involves themselves in the “wild” public school* social life, and has a little too much money to burn. Traditionally, the Sloane is female, but nowadays males have been welcomed into the category, with their own distinct form of Sloaneyism. Sloanes tend to spend much of their free life mindlessly wandering up and down the King’s Road and the immediate area of Chelsea, making use of a specialist tool known as “Daddy’s Credit Card” with the traders of the area.

* A public school is a paid-for educational institution, often with boarding houses. The idea behind them is that someone pays for you to gain a superior education, which allows you to earn plenty of money to get your children a superior education, which allows them to… etc. etc. until one of your offspring blows all his money on a twin-engined chocolate orange making machine
typical Sloane conversation:

“Felicity- ought we to tell Poppy-Mae that her earrings are only half a carat? She may make an awful faux-pas…”

“best not, Constance…she may tell Alexander, and then Daddy will never let us go to the Gymkhana this weekend.”
by amberbamber September 03, 2005
398 158
sloan jack wills sloaned sloaney sloanes posh rah public school sloane ranger sloaning london prep sloaner abercrombie camp chelsea fun preppy rich slone
Random Word
A term used to describe young rich, upper/ middle class people. They usually go to public or private school, enjoy playing/ watching polo, sailing, and rugby. The girls enjoy shopping in London and hang around King’s Road, Notting Hill and High Street Kensington.

The girls can be spotted by their:
Ridiculously backcombed hair, often with a massive side parting near their ears. If the hair’s tied up it’s in a very messy ponytail or loose knot
Clothing by Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch or Ralph Lauren
Large belts
Massive over-sized sunglasses
Countless amounts of big bangles
Footless tights, denim mini skirt and Ugg boots
Abercrombie and Fitch or Jack Wills jogging botttoms tucked into their Ugg boots
Skinny Jeans
Long often ratty looking cardigans
Over sized JW or A&F jumpers
Ballet pumps
Big set of Faux pearls
Polo/rugy shirts with the collars turned up
Loud, fast speech, saying ‘yah’ alot

The boys can be spotted weaing:
Any item of clothing by Ralph Lauren, Jack Wills or Abercrombie and Fitch
Polo/ rugby shirts with the collars turned up
Brown loafers

Names include: Harriet (Hats), Charlotte (Charls), Camilla (Mills), Emily (Ems), Antonia (Ants), Victoria (Tors/Tory), Olivia (Livs), Julia (Jules), Rupert, Sebastian, Jeremy (Jez), William (Wills)

Those girls are such sloanes.

(Normal people talking about sloanes)

“Shall we go shopping down the KR darls?”
“Yah! I’ve seen a new hoodie in Jack Wills it’s sooooo fit!”

(Two sloanes talking to each other)
by Tiegs March 09, 2008
79 13

(v.) to drop an object at a vital time.
The doctor accidently sloaned the baby and watched it hit the floor.

Did you see him totally sloane that disc?
by flyme August 04, 2008
86 55
Another english stereotype. Similar to populars,abercrombies and similar behaviour to preps. Wealthy;almost exclusivly go to fee paying schools. They come in to basic types, female and male.
Female sloans can be identified by the following:
-Clothing from jackwills (the uk version of abercrombie), primark for some reason and abercrombie and fitch.
-purposly messed up hair usually fliped over onto one side of the head (they really do think this is cool)
-oversized handbags
-sometimes excessive use of dark eyemakeup
-hoodies, skinny jeans, mini skirts, leggings
-feel the need to find ways to make non-sloanes feel inferior to them due to thier extremely large egos
-seem to only aknowledge fellow sloanes as people worthy of their time and attention
-think highly of themselves and have huge egos
-chase after male sloanes
-sometimes speak in a fake american accent
Male sloanes
-style their hair (usualy so their manbangs go diagonally across their foreheads
-similarlily to females, wear clothing exclusivly from jack wills, abercrombie and other preppy brands.
-dress in skinny (or extremely baggy in a desperate attempt to be deemed cool) jeans
-have even larger egos than female sloanes
-date only female sloanes
-think they are amzing at all sports
-swear to make themselves seem cool and edgy

in conclusion, sloanes are self absorbed, extremely self concious ego-mainiacs who consider themselves the coolest, most popular people ever, though they are most definatly not.
Sloane 1 “Ohmygod, did you see that guy wearing jackwills?!Ohmygod he is sooooooooo fit”
Sloane 2 “I know but that girl he’s talking to is like,soo not wearing any jackwills or abercrombie! she is so lame.”

Sloane 1 “That guys haircut is sooo gay, like, what a loser”
Sloane 2 “What the fuck is he wearing, gap?”
by myusernameishot May 20, 2008
108 90

Being called a Sloane means that you are these things:
basically……everything that is good about a person, you are.
She is such a sloane!
by denner12 November 28, 2010
64 47
(v.) to explode abruptly and demand respect (usually ending with a fist hitting the ground).
Jimmy sloaned all over his team when things didn’t go his way.
by flyme August 04, 2008
50 40
sloane hot,sexy girl, ready for anything that comes her way.
2. normaly with a good looking young gentleman, who bones her every few nights, wether he wants to or not, just to make her happy
holy shit….shes such a sloane…i mean look at those…
by jakal licorice spitz June 01, 2005
51 41

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