Life in America. Reality vs. Myth

Let’s face the one country that should not procreate is the United States of America..

They have “psychologists”; yeah, with what degree? A PhD in child abuse.

Because since I was basically born I would not agree with homosexuals and their lifestyles.

At age 4, a man attacked us (me and my cousin Tangye) at my her house, he was hiding in her closet, trying to get kiddie porn; when I would not comply my mother beat me so badly the bruises might heal in 3 that is three months.

By the time I was six, she had “uncles” coming over when my dad was out of town. Two names I remember are Bill Pool and Shannon Sundt. I got peace for a little while after being sexually attacked by them and needing hernia surgery.

Then, I turned 13. I got a job and was walking home eating an ice cream cone. I was picked up by two African-Americans that had something to do with the Saint Louis Rams; they sexually attacked me, and the police forced me, a thirteen year old to say I enjoyed the experience. They would not file Rape charges, because although they held me prisioner, beat me, and attacked me sexually… It was not penetration. It was only cunnilingius. I called someone from the church after the police wouldn’t help. Her name was Betty Weinstock, she would not help me, because I capitalized the word God; and she would only accept “god”.

Needless to say I continued to get raped throughout my teens. From age 13 without sex; to William Ebright physically raping me with penetration the next year when I was 14, but as he was only 17 the police said it was ” consensual”….the list goes on with about 22 rapes (penis penetration of the vagina against the woman’s will) until I left the Phoenix metropolitan area at age 17 for college.

College, down in Tucson was not any better….I’ll finish writing this in about an hour or two.


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