So, I forgot the “add insult to injury” when I was 13. A female police officer came to my school after I was attacked. I recognized her from when I was six and she attacked me. She then attacked me sexually, yes, sexually in the bathroom at my elementary school. She tried to blame the Mexican woodworking teacher (but being racist, on top of a lesbian and paedophile) she thought he was the janitor. After that we did get a lifetime injunction from the circuit court in New Orleans that no police are ever allowed near me again. They sent the FBI, to live next door. Yep, he picked me up, attacked me, still age 13 and forced me to smoke marijuana. The next week I was hit by a truck in a crosswalk. Coincide?
Two years later his “father”; meaning homosexual partner got a promotion….
Not in the mood to even get to college or detail of high school abuse, rape, discrimination, etc…

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