Uncommon Respect

Too late. Cannot teach “sloanies” or old dogs new tricks. How are the stakes in England where we will post your “eastender women’s heads”? And your penis’ for not ” listening to a real woman….no turning back the clock “Mr. Royal”.

Round Two

Coyne viewed the coming work week with dread. His employer spent roughly the sum of all the employee’ 401k holdings on a weeklong mandatory communications training course. The problem of no work getting done during training was solved by having mandatory after-hours work to make up for it.

Skylar White holds the talking pillow in a scene from Breaking Bad

The training program centered around three simple tenets to holding effective meetings: Common Respect, Common Purpose, and Common Goals. Before the training started, Coyne’s manager, Stefen, made an announcement. “After completion of this course,” he said, “there will be no excuse for having an unsuccessful meeting. We’ll be tracking meeting results, and bad meetings will be documented and reviewed during your annual performance evaluations. Now, let me introduce your trainer, Trent…”

Coyne knew where this was going. Meetings would be the same, but now they doubled as ammunition on performance reviews. Worse, Stefen now had three new terms to throw around, ad…

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