Carolyn said, in the Mormon religion you “end up in heaven” with your first husband. Let’s hope not. Florence left Hank a long time ago; in fact ironically Shannon bought her 1st house from her and she moved to Houston. Face reality; no one in our family puts up with shitty men. End of story. The Mormon religion was founded on saving women from shits like Hank. Polygamy is not about sex, but helping someone get away from abuse. Back in the 1800s divorce was not an option for a woman; today it is. Even if she has to get divorced six (6) times like my old neighbor Deborah. In some cases, like Carol Kelley, the woman was the abuser. She not only abused us children, but also my father Jack. Enough of defending her. She deserves her punishment; which at this point should only be death.

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