The Boy Talk

Um….apparently I didn’t come with a brain, and need someone to tell me how to live my life. Sex, it’s just exercise…. simple fact. Dating…way too young. Perhaps at 20-23 I might find a boyfriend. Are you stuck in the 1700s.

1,000 Stories Behind The Eyes

Alright teen ladies we have all had this talk before or I hope everyone has had the talk. It’s kinda uncomfortable to talk about with parents because it gets weird but, we gotta listen up. Teen girls you are beautiful every inch of you and don’t let anyone tell you different. We are powerful remeber what we have, we have a gift well, I will refer to it as a treasure box. As girls are hormones go mad just like boys and it’s normal. We have to be smart about the decisions we make because there is someone after that treasure box. I’m not gonna go into the whole be a virgin or suffer speech because everyone does not turn out the same and think differently. I want to aware you of the things we come across just for having a treasure box. First off whoever you like, date, or…

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