Things you don’t want to hear at a…

What. You think none of that happens! What good is a degree? No one uses theirs in life & work. Um….universities are called a “transition period” a chance to go from kid to adult….life is long. Face reality.

A Girl In Europe

I can literally not be the only one amazed that there is a genuine picture of a pug dressed in a graduation gown and cap (that is worth a like all by itself)! THE INTERNET IS AN AMAZING AND FRUITFULL PLACE!

Here are 12 things you don’t want to hear if you’re at a graduation….that poor pug.

1) ‘Well I’m not even sure she completed the year…no no I think this is just a degree for taking part’

2) ‘The man with the caps has gone suspiciously missing…’

3) ‘Due to climate change we will not be air conditioning this extremely hot and stifling building..sweat baby sweat’

4) ‘I will be talking as gues speaker today, being part of this uni-‘ ‘who are you give me that microphone’ ‘NOOO ITS MY TIME TO SHINE’

5) ‘ Really that’s what you got after 3 years? A least you’re pretty’

6) ‘We…

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