Yes, the death penalty before 18….

listen all you little fucks. this is how we do the death penalty in America. no, we do not relocate you. we kill your little gangster asses. old enough to be in a “gang” old enough to die.

if you manage to live, you will be praying there was a god, after you get your little shit bodies beaten so badly that you won’t be able to fucking move without pain for at least three months. yes, you will still be attending school; one complaint and you’ll get another fucking beating. now, because your parents did not teach you fucking respect you can watch them get their asses beaten and raped and tortured, and they will go to work, and fucking do their job for once in their fucking lives. or you can commit suicide as a family. real dead. and tossed in the gutter where you fucking belong. that is a choice, and there is not a third option. I’d that fucking clear?


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