Requesting death for police…crimes of the badge.

Let’s also go over the Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson police departments. Since I was six years old I have had a phoenix policewoman lesbian attacking me. At six I had to have hernia surgery due to her attack, at 13 (thirteen) I was attacked by two African American men who were 26. That same female policewoman then came to my school and to add insult to injury sexually attacked me at school. From then until I left the Phoenix metropolitan area; I was raped over 20 times from age 13-17; because I would not back down on their crimes under their “badges”.

At 17, I came to the university of Arizona. The first week here I went to dinner as friends with some; woke up being sodomized in the delta chi fraternity house after being drugged at dinner. The police in Tucson were just as bad as phoenix; instead of helping they took up gambling with the rapists…I was raped over 5 times in Tucson….what are the police for?

To humiliate a woman nonstop?

The abuse ended when I met my husband at 23; but then the police had gotten psychological abuse training and when I moved back to Arizona in 2002 that policewoman from Phoenix was living in my loft building where we had purchased a home.

Isn’t it time to give all the police officers involved in this situation the death penalty?


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