No lesser thing

Very true; equality. When my husband got exhausted I “took over his den”, fed him, and let him sleep when he was home. No explanation needed; I’m your wife. That’s life. Relax. I’ll always be here.

MB Blissett

As time moves on
I’ve overcome
The idea
That being a man
Is a lesser thing
No sour taste
When I swallow
My lust
When I am thick
Vascular with want
When the dog trails ahead
And the branches
Snap beneath my boots
When I lift the weight
There is good anger
In these bones
That a fist and a
Are both expressions
That when my heart
Hammers and I sweat
When I hear the low
Burr of my voice
Not a lesser thing
And as you touch me
Your fingertips
In my fur
I feel the blessing
Of it
As you’re no
Less than I am

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